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Whether you’re an employer or an individual, Highland Health Alliance is a smarter way to spend your healthcare dollars.

Highland Health Alliance is an innovative, cost-effective membership program designed to free employers and individuals from excessive insurance premiums, deductibles, and restrictions. Members receive HUCFM’s exceptional primary care services, as well as greater access to their healthcare providers.

Membership costs a fraction of what you pay for insurance company health plans – and there are no deductibles to meet before your benefits kick in.

As a member, you’ll have greater continuity in preventive, primary, and chronic care and more direct access to your primary care providers. There are no restrictions or penalties for pre-existing conditions. And you’ll also be able to get an appointment within 24 hours of making a request.

Highland Health Alliance keeps the doctor-patient relationship first by eliminating the insurance middleman for your routine care.

Nicholas J. Beaulieu, MD

Pricing for Individuals:

$60/per month.

For Employer rates or to enroll, please call our office 404-815-1957.

Membership Benefits:

  • An annual physical exam, plus four additional office visits
  • Routine lab work
  • 50% off select additional services that are required
  • Email and phone access to HUCFM professional staff
  • Secure cloud-based access to online personal health records, featuring confidential electronic communication with HUCFM staff
  • Guaranteed appointments within 24 hours
  • Facilitated referrals to trusted specialists, as needed
  • Access to the extensive knowledge and resources of Highland Travel Medicine

Supplemental Insurance

We recommend that patients in our Highland Health Alliance program pair their membership benefits with a supplemental high-deductible health plan. These are low-premium plans – also known as catastrophic insurance – specifically designed to cover the cost of unpredictable events that fall outside the scope of primary care.

Highland Urgent Care and Family Medicine can refer you to a trusted independent insurance agent if needed.