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We’re doing everything we can to provide our patients with the best care, at a fair price, in an efficient manner.

Highland Urgent Care and Family Medicine is a full-service family medicine practice with an urgent care clinic and travel medicine practice . Since we became part of this community in 2004, our goal has always been to build a practice focused on providing exceptional healthcare and building relationships – with our patients and our neighbors. Over the years, we’ve grown a deep love for our people and deep roots in the community. 

Over these same years, the state of healthcare has evolved in a way that has distanced the relationship between doctors and patients. Insurance companies are now third-party middle men standing between us. Expenses have skyrocketed. And the whole industry has become so multi-layered and complicated, access to care is often difficult, and it’s almost impossible to predict how much medical care will (or should) cost. 

As an independent, family-run practice, we’re dedicated to providing you with the kind of medical care we want for our own families. And we have a lot of strong ideas about how healthcare should be done – starting with these beliefs:

The doctor-patient relationship comes first.

Our commitment is first and foremost and always to your health and your well-being. We are not a corporate entity. We’ve been part of this community since 2004. Our patients are our neighbors and our aim is to provide both exceptional care and a warm and welcoming experience.

The cost of healthcare should be transparent.

You can’t know the value of something if you don’t know what it costs. That’s why our pricing is available online and in our office. You’ll always know what services cost and why we recommend them, so you can make better informed decisions about your health. We invite you to compare our pricing to our corporate competitors. You will not find greater value in Atlanta!

You should have access to exceptional, efficient, and cost-effective healthcare – whether you have insurance or not.

Highland Urgent Care and Family Medicine welcomes self-pay patients. The cost of care for self-pay patients is typically less than the out of pocket cost for insured patients, because we don’t have to pay someone to bill the insurance company and wait months to receive payment. If you have insurance, you can also avoid these additional costs by paying HUCFM the self-pay cash price at the time of your visit and then filing with your insurance company yourself to have the payment applied to your deductible.

We also offer individuals and employers innovative, cost-effective membership programs.  Highland Personal Health and Pear’d members receive HUCFM’s exceptional primary care services – along with greater access to their healthcare providers – without the burden of high insurance premiums, deductibles, or restrictions.

Choose healthcare that’s between you and your doctor, not you and a corporation.