To a greater or lesser extent we all feel sidelined by this pandemic.  At Highland Urgent Care we are seeing and testing Covid patients and in some ways are on the front line.  Somehow I still feel sidelined.  It is the powerlessness we all feel in the face of something that has humbled the governments of first world countries.  There are definitely some bright spots and rallying around the positives needs to become our priority.  
New York is a great example.  Here is a case where strong leadership, social distancing, and the dedication of the healthcare workers on the ground has proven effective.  I believe they will soon announce a crest and plateau of cases for the city.  Though the trauma is far from over it has proven our resilience and should be remembered as our first victory over uncertainty.  New York is arguably the beating heart of this country and as the smoke is clearing that heart is still beating.   
I think this should calm markets and and generally decrease the level of panic that has become pervasive for so many.  It also injects an element of sobriety into our American culture.  The death toll will dwarf 911. Yet another blow to our innocence.  Another reminder that things will no longer be the same.  We can speculate on how things will change but I do have a few predictions.
Expect to see new standards around hygiene and potentially a rating scale that will determine the level of risk for infectious disease transmission.   Think a health department rating for your restaurant related to table spacing, employee testing, food security, or temperature of food at your table.  I think every industry will be held to new standards.  Personally I’m very concerned for the Clermont Lounge.
As New York survives assume the dam has held.  The hospital system remains in place and functional and we have enough trained personnel to carry on.  Every city, town, and neighborhood will experience their challenges and we can shift personnel and resources as needed. I know this is far from over and I’m not a huge fan of New York (for more than 48hrs) but we are heading in the right direction.
Warm Regards, 

Dr. Nick