In our ongoing efforts to provide the best advice and best value for our patients I’d like to provide you with a great option to lose weight and improve your health. I know many of you are aware of the benefits of intermittent fasting or time limited feeding. This healthful trend is attributed in a large part to Dr. Valter Longo a biochemist and researcher at the University of S. California’s Center for Longevity.

Dr Longo’s research showed that a one third reduction in calories led to a one third increase in life expectancy in mouse and rat models. One of the major drivers of this is called autophagy (to eat yourself). Humans are designed to starve and that is why we are able to store calories as fat. In situations of starvation the body closely evaluates each cell and any old, damaged, or marginal cell will be culled and burned for fuel. When you re-feed, these tissues that lose cells activate resident stem cells to replace those lost cells with new cells. This is actually a form of natural tissue regeneration and leads to healthier aging. Unfortunately with the availability of food all around us few of us ever take advantage of this natural mechanism to combat aging.

In over thirty years of research Dr. Longo developed a five day ‘fasting mimicking’ diet that provides the most calories you can ingest while still inducing a state of starvation. This five day kit is called a Prolon and we are able to provide them to you with substantial savings from full retail.

I do recommend reading Dr. Longo’s book the international best seller ‘The Longevity Diet’ that explains these concepts in easy to understand and entertaining prose.

I strongly encourage you to consider using Prolon as a tool to control your weight and improve healthy aging. Please click on the link below to order your kits and add another tool to your box to control weight and improve your health.

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