To supplement or not to supplement is a common question.

It is one I struggled with early in my career but came to the conclusion that it is absolutely necessary. The human body is amazing, particularly in its ability to have multiple ‘backup systems’ in place should a vital nutrient not be available to perform a particular biochemical process necessary to sustain life. This flexibility ensures our survival but it comes at a price in terms of efficiency and sustainability. Eventually multiple deficiency states add up and the chronic stress on the system takes its toll . We experience this through dis-ease states and decreased longevity as well as a declining quality of life. By replacing certain key nutrients that are commonly lacking in the Standard American Diet (SAD) we can not only prevent this scenario but truly maximize the efficiency of cellular processes and your health.

Supplement protocols are and should be very particular to the individual and should be custom tailored based upon laboratory testing for deficiencies with ongoing follow up to ensure adequate replacement. This sounds logical but is only one part of the supplement story. Obtaining high quality and affordable supplements is crucial but ensuring a timely supply to maintain consistency is a daunting task. Many people start supplementing with great intentions only to find themselves off all supplements in a few months time due to logistical issues.

Fullscript has taken a lot of these issues out of the equation by providing high quality cost effective supplements directly to your door. Once we help establish your protocols and load them into Fullscript you are queried on a regular basis to ensure your next delivery comes before you run out. In most instances it is cheaper to purchase your supplements this way rather than ordering them online. Our providers are always ready to help you customize your optimal supplement regime. Please use the link below to visit the Fullscript site and take control of this often overlooked option to improve your health.